VRIC 2015

Vancouver Convention Centre West

Sunday, January 18 - Monday, January 19, 2015

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Stop. Think. Safety.

All of us at GES value safety throughout our organization and practice it in the work we perform. By following these common safety guidelines, you will be doing your part in helping us all create a safe work environment.

Safety Guidelines:

At all times, please remember that the exhibit hall is an active work zone.

  • Only authorized personnel and employees allowed, all others are prohibited.
  • Never stand on furniture.
  • Wear steel toe shoes.
  • Clean up or report spills.
  • Keep aisles free and clear of any and all debris.
  • Practice good housekeeping.
  • Check electrical cords for damage.
  • Protect valuables at show site.
  • Report any fires immediately.

If you notice anything you feel is unsafe, please contact a GES employee immediately.